"NO OVERLAP FREESTYLE" feat. Kyle Jospeh

[Kyle Joseph]

Gotta fuckin go (Yeah)

I gotta fuckin go out (Side)

I be on the road (I be on the road)


A bad bitch like yourself

Call me up

She said she need it for her health (Yeah she need it for her health)

Diamonds on me dancin (Diamonds on me dancin)

Won't you take a chance (Won't you take a chance)

I just need some time away from this shit

So I can advance

Let me know whatchu need

Nice to know whatchu want

Baby know what you got

That's how I roll, on the spot (Yeah)



Yeah, yeah, yeah I got

Diamonds on me dancin with the goyard

Yeah, tell me is you really tryna go far

Cuz I got hella bands, I got hella bands

Tell me what's your plans, yeah what's your plans

Yeah, I don't got no time for you if

You only try to come around acting stupid

Call me what you want

But you cannot decide it

I been on a roll yeah and I know you don't like it

Fuck you think I'm like

Bitch I know you acting righteous

But let me put it like this

You caught up in the hype bitch

Oh no there he go

Talking shit but he don't know

What's in sto'

Down a road

That he thought he never go yeah

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