Bitch I'm on an airplane

On my way to LA

In and Out of deals

I was tryna get me life straight

In a different mind frame

A different time zone

I could never stay the same

Had to leave on my own

Cuz I know what I need

All about my money and my green

That's on me yeah

Do it for my city and my team

Whatchu mean yeah

You cannot believe what you see on your TV

Now you wanna be me

But I can never let you get outta my zone

Posted in the hills

Living all on my own

Searching for a thrill

I might go and sell my soul

But I will never fold

I will never fold

Getting what I want now

Getting what I need now

Fuck around and show em

This exactly what I mean now

Doing what I please

Living good I cannot see

All that hating in between

This some shit you never seen

So I,

Keep it light


Everything I did

To get it right

Feeling like


But to blow up in paradise

Go get that bag on me

Drip so wet

You mad at me

Lost inside your agony

Cuz I'm living your fantasy

You cannot believe what you see on your TV

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